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Ford Focus
The Ford Focus is an incredibly popular motor vehicle. Ford has sold thousands of Ford Focus cars across a number of models and engine sizes, in petrol and diesel, over the years. The 2010 model range includes four-door sedans such as the Focus Ambiente, Focus Si Auto and Focus Si TDCi Power Shift (diesel) and the five-door Focus Si hatch. Buyers can choose from 1.8L, 2.0L Duratec or 2.0L Duratorq TDCi engines, while performance junkies get their fix from the 2.5L 20V DOHC Ford Focus ST!

If you purchase a new Ford Focus, then you will probably take care of your servicing and repair requirements at one of Ford’s dealer service centres nationwide – at least until your 4-year 120 000km service plan runs out… But where do you go afterwards? Do you have to stay with your Ford dealer, or are you free to shop around?

How to save on car service and car repairs

Once your service and maintenance plan expires you are often better off at a small provisional car service and repair centre headed by a trustworthy mechanic. Coachmans Auto Repairs is a specialist car service and car repair centre that caters to the entire Ford Focus range. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who make use of our wide range of Ford Focus services.

The majority of our customers bring their Ford Focus vehicles for the ‘by the book’ Ford services as required. Coachmans Auto Repairs performs these services making use of Ford OE (original equipment) parts and maintenance schedules.

Why is it important to service my Ford Focus regularly?

Ford Focus shouldn’t fall into the trap of neglecting their motor vehicle services the minute their maintenance plan expires. There are a number of serious maintenance tasks and repairs that have to be performed throughout the lifetime of your vehicle. And the most important of these tasks happen at 160 000kms and later.

At Coachmans Auto Repairs we often see Ford Focus motor vehicles that have gone without servicing for thousands of kilometres. The Ford OE (original equipment) maintenance schedule requires your bring your vehicle in for a car service every 20 000kms. And there’s nothing wrong with bringing your vehicle in for an extra car service or repair visit more frequently.