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Ford Fiesta St
The Ford Fiesta ST is a fantastic performance street car. Coachmans Auto Repairs is a specialist service and repair centre for the Ford Fiesta ST. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who make use of our wide range of Ford Fiesta ST services.

We perform ordinary ‘by the book’ Ford services on the Ford Fiesta ST, making use of Ford OE (original equipment) parts and maintenance schedules.

What Ford Fiesta ST owners really want!

The reason why so many Ford Fiesta ST owners place their trust in Coachmans Auto Repairs is the range of performance parts and installations we offer.

Our services include big brake kits and matched kits for the Ford Fiesta ST. We install the Power Brake range of brake discs with a range of performance brake pads to suit your unique requirements. We fit brakes to match your Ford Fiesta ST driving style – so whether you prefer track days, drag racing, or hard driving we’ll have a braking solution for you.

Can you modify my Ford Fiesta ST performance?

There are a number of ways to improve the performance on your standard Ford Fiesta ST. At Coachmans Auto Repairs we install solutions including: