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Car Service

Coachmans Auto Repairs can perform car services and car repairs on all motor vehicle makes and models. All of our services and repairs are overseen by a qualified mechanic. We use OE (original equipment) parts wherever possible, but can quote on alternative aftermarket spares on request. Many clients prefer alternative aftermarket repairs when undertaking car service or car repairs due to the inhibitive cost of the original equipment options.

Coachmans Auto Repairs takes special care to service your motor vehicle according to its OE (original equipment) maintenance schedules. Sticking to these maintenance schedules saves you money in the long run. Depending on your vehicle you should bring it to Coachmans Auto Repairs at 10 000km, 15 000km or 20 000km interviews.

What does the OE maintenance schedule tell you?

You might be wondering why you should stick to the OE (original equipment) maintenance schedule booking for your car service. The main argument for car service ‘by the book’ is that prevention is better than cure. If you fix a small problem today, you prevent certain tragedy at some future date.

If you drive a Mazda MX6, for example, the OE (original equipment) maintenance schedule requires that your car repair centre renew (replace) the auxiliary drive belts every 160 000kms. This is the kind of detail that often ‘slips’ your or your mechanic’s attention!

At Coachmans Auto Repairs we stick religiously to the ‘by the book’ car service schedule. If the motor vehicle owner is unsure of how many kilometres since the last major service, we err on the side of caution. You simply cannot take chances with important components like Camshaft Drive Belts during car service.

Car service short-cuts

If you fail to check and replace parts at the OE (original equipment) maintenance schedule guidelines you risk serious damage to your motor vehicle. You might get away with skipping the 3-year hydraulic brake fluid replacement – or come off lightly when not checking and inspecting your cooling system pressure cap – but leaving a worn Camshaft Drive Belt could have terrible consequences.

If this belt snaps during vehicle operation you end up with a horrible mess! Your car service centre will have to crack open your engine and replace bent valves, the head gasket, and possibly even send the head in for engineering. A simple R1 000 to replace the belt at a regular service can run into tens of thousands of rand later!

Spotting obvious wear and tear

Another benefit of frequent car service is that your trusted car repair centre will spot possible wear and tear problems. A routine inspection of the water pump might reveal corrosion which could have resulted in a subsequent part and engine failure.

Don’t wait until your car service and car repair becomes a necessity. Rather take your car in for frequent car services at a car repair centre like Coachmans Auto Repairs. This frequent attention will ensure your car remains roadworthy, limiting costly breakdowns and ensuring peace of mind motoring.